Helen B. Madden Award

Nominate someone for this year's award.

Drop in Youth Alcohol Use

Data shows a drop in alcohol use among local youth.

Anti-Heroin Campaign

Curiosity+Heroin is a deadly combination. Get the facts and get help.


Our vision is a community where there are no problems associated with alcohol, tobacco, or drug abuse.

The National Council on Alcoholism & Drug Abuse – St. Louis Area (NCADA) is a community health agency focused on serving the St. Louis area.  We advocate for solutions with local, state, and federal policymakers; provide information and education to the general public, professionals, and students to prevent alcohol, tobacco, and drug abuse; deliver assessments, interventions, and unbiased referrals to treatment.

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Your Voice Matters: Use It

Ethics courses at NCADA

Need a place to go? We know the SPOT.

Get Help Now

  • I may have a substance abuse problem.
  • I think a friend or family member has a substance abuse problem.
  • I need to learn more about alcoholism/drug abuse.

Ask a Counselor

If you have questions regarding alcohol or drugs, addiction, or substance abuse, this is the place to ask them in a safe, anonymous and confidential way.

An NCADA counselor will respond to your questions within 24-hours, Monday–Friday.

If you’d rather talk to a counselor live on the phone, call our office at

(314) 962-3456

Weekdays 9 a.m.– 5 p.m. There is no charge for this service.

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Helen B. Madden Award
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About Heroin?

Get the Facts

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