Staff List

Jenny Armbruster Director of Community Services x351
Kristin Bengtson Manager of Community Strategy x326
Nicole Browning Counselor x337
Donna Bruner Development Director x352
Cheryl Carrier Director of Finance and Accounting x332
Joy Carter Prevention Educator x355
Brandon Costerison MO-HOPE Project Manager x315
Nichole Dawsey Director of Prevention Education x329
Bobette Figler Senior Counselor x334
Sara Gibbs Counselor x336
Lori Krueger Community Strategist x323
Leah Schaefer Associate Director of Prevention Education x348
Kim Sherony Prevention Educator x342
Shelley Stretch Counselor x370
Howard Weissman Executive Director x309
Kelly Wieser Associate Director of Prevention Education x313
Angie Yarbrough Development Coordinator x327
Jane Young Human Resources Manager x307

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