A Word from our Golf Committee Chair

When I left the NCADA’s Board of Directors – on which I had the pleasure of serving for far too long – I knew I wanted to stay involved with the organization.

NCADA is important to me and the cause is a very personal one. While the philanthropic association has been invaluable, the folks at the agency have paid me back beyond anything I could give. They gave my brother nine sober years at the end of his life. They will forever be in my heart when I hear his grandchildren talk about ‘Big Daddy’, someone they would never have met without his sobriety.

For the past four years, I have volunteered to serve as the Golf Committee Chair.

NCADA’s golf tournament is our most successful fundraiser, and this year the Twenty-Fifth Annual NCADA Golf Tournament held true to that tradition.

Throughout the day we told players about the programs their donations support. They met the real heroes – those that have been helped and continue to spread the good deeds, agency staff that have been the ‘helpers’ and folks that support the agency with their time and money.

It isn’t often you find so many people that intently make a difference in one gathering. We are all fortunate to be surrounded by folks that are directly doing good things. You
can see how much good will come from your giving.

I’d like to thank the Board members that pledged sponsorships and players. Your support is what helps make this work for the agency. My most heartfelt and deepest appreciation for your giving.

Thanks to the volunteers and the committee for the hard work that got us to this point. There is always true grassroots support for all of our guests to witness.

Thanks to all – you are my real heroes.

-Henry Watkins