Talk About It PSAs

We are excited to announce that we are showcasing yet another PSA. But, true to NCADA, we have surprise twist that makes this year’s PSA unique.

We are featuring not one, but five separate PSAs. These five commercials follow the footsteps of our Talk About It campaign, an effort that encourages parents and caregivers to have age-appropriate conversations about substance use with the young people in their lives. Research tells us that when we talk to kids about substances early and often, we can cut their risk of substance use in half. After launching this campaign with our 2018 PSA, we’ve received so much interest that we’ve actually expanded “Talk About It STL” state-wide, to “Talk About It MO.”

When we aired our first Super Bowl PSA in 2015, our country and local community were in the throes of the heroin/opioid epidemic—and there was no sign of slowing, much less an end in sight.  We knew we had to send a jolting message that woke us up to the epidemic taking place in our families, schools, and neighborhoods. So that’s what we did, and since then, our followers, partners, and even the media have come to expect a provocative, thought-provoking PSA every year at Super Bowl.

Fast forward to today. The country and our local community did wake up, and the time for awareness raising has passed. Now it is time to equip people with the knowledge and tools to address and prevent substance use issues. Instead of a one-time, dramatic jolt, we must engage in ongoing and quality conversations.  We believe that this is the only way to make a sustained impact in reversing the tide. So, instead of using the Super Bowl as a platform for one huge splash, you can expect to see our PSAs promoted on local, digital, and social media sources all over the state in February and the months following.