YOP Tax Credits

Through your YOP-qualified giving to NCADA, you can make a powerful difference in the lives of at-risk youth at a very small cost to you.

What is YOP?

YOP credits were created by the Missouri Department of Economic Development to encourage charitable support of non-profits serving the youth development needs of Missouri children and adolescents. NCADA offers these credits to donors who support our extensive youth services throughout our Eastern Missouri region.

Who qualifies for YOP?

Any individual, corporation, LLC, partnership or bank that pays Missouri taxes is eligible to participate in YOP.

How can you participate in YOP?

When you donate a gift of $500 or more to NCADA (or donate multiple gifts totaling $500 or more in a calendar year), you qualify for a 50% YOP tax credit. We welcome donation(s) by check, credit card, electronic fund transfer and/or appreciated stock. And you can claim your credit anytime within the next five years, either in a single year or over multiple years.

Why should you participate?

Charitable contributions to NCADA support our school- and community-based programs combating substance use and misuse through prevention education, substance assessments, treatment referrals and counseling. You help us change lives and save lives.

YOP credits are directly subtracted from your Missouri taxes owed, over and above your standard federal and state charitable deductions. This substantially reduces your out-of-pocket cost to make a gift. Here are estimates of how it works for a taxpayer in the 28% federal bracket:

Gift Amount




Missouri Tax Credit
(50% of gift)




Federal Income Tax Deduction
(based on 28% tax bracket)




State Income Tax Deduction
(based on 6% tax bracket)




Reduced Federal and State Deductions in Tax Year Credit is Utilized*




Estimated Net out-of-pocket cost of your gift




*Because the Missouri tax credit functions like income (the credit reduces your state tax liability dollar-for-dollar), you will owe some federal and state taxes for the tax year you use the credit. Nonetheless, your net out-of-pocket cost to make your charitable gift will still be much less!

Every taxpayer’s situation is unique and the above examples are not intended as tax advice. Please consult your tax advisor to learn how YOP credits benefit you specifically in meeting your charitable objectives.

And thank you for giving to NCADA!