Medical Marijuana on the November Ballot

This November Missourians will decide on three initiative petitions that would create “medical” marijuana programs. Two of the three initiatives would be amendments to Missouri’s Constitution, and the third would change Missouri’s statutes. This will be the first time Missourians have voted on whether or not something constitutes a medicine. Due to the unprecedented nature of these efforts, it’s crucial that Missourians be informed of the details of each initiative.

NCADA’s role is to approach this, and similar issues, from a public health perspective, providing factual analysis to help voters cut through the rhetoric. The cost and implementation of these initiatives varies widely. Tax rates range from 2% to 15%, cost of administration runs between $500,000 to $10 million, and revenue generation estimates vary from $10 million to $66 million.

Below you will find analyses of each initiative petition, their structure, and their potential impact on Missouri, along with NCADA’s position statement on marijuana as a medicine. If you need any further information, please reach out to NCADA at 314-962-3456.

Missouri Patient Care Act Analysis

New Approach Amendment Analysis

Brad Bradshaw Amendment Analysis

NCADA’s Position Statement on Medical Cannabis

Press Release: NCADA Urges Missourians to Carefully Examine Marijuana Initiatives