NCADA’s Collective Disconnect

Like many others, NCADA started the New Year with a renewed dedication to health and wellness. And thanks to the efforts and enthusiasm of one of our employees, we started a “Wellbeing Challenge” for our staff. Each week, teams report healthy activities they’ve done to earn points—the team with the most points at the end is declared the winner. But, unlike typical health challenges, our staff members are reporting so much more than just the servings of vegetables they had that week or how many times they exercised. They also report acts of kindness they carried out, how many meaningful conversations they’ve had, if they invested time in a (healthy) hobby, and much more.

We know that to achieve health and wellness, a holistic approach is crucial. Growing evidence points to the importance of unplugging from social media, or taking those unused vacation days. Employee burnout is a very real consequence of employees not having enough time to disconnect, rest, focus on other aspects of life and recharge (see How Managers Can Prevent Their Teams From Burning Out).

So in the spirit of practicing what we preach, and in an effort to give our mental health the attention it deserves, every single member of NCADA staff will be engaging in a “collective disconnect” this weekend. Everyone in the organization has agreed that we will not email or call each other about work-related items.  In our field, as I’d imagine is the case with many others, it can be easy to feel like you’re always “on call.” But, because everyone will be disconnecting at the same time, we will be eliminating any potential guilt or fear about letting folks down.

As an organization we’ve agreed to spend this weekend focusing on our families, our friends, our communities, and ourselves. I hope you’ll consider disconnecting with us.

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