Press Release: National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse Screens “Super Bowl” PSAs

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National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse Screens “Super Bowl” PSAs

(St. Louis)- For the past four years, the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse- St. Louis Area (NCADA) has aired compelling, provocative, and at times controversial public service announcements on local television during the Super Bowl. NCADA is excited to screen its 2019 PSAs, highlighting the Talk About It campaign for agency partners and funders prior to their release on February 4.

Talk About It is based on the need to have productive, ongoing conversations with young people about alcohol and other drugs,” said Nichole Dawsey, Executive Director of NCADA. “That’s why this year, instead of just one big ad, we hope to initiate an ongoing conversation with the community and make this aspect of being a parent or caregiver just a little easier.”

Since its launch in February 2018, Talk About It has expanded from a regional initiative to a statewide campaign. In the past year, the website ( has had over 16,000 visits and talking kits have been downloaded over 1,500 times.

“Over 650,000 American die every year from alcohol, tobacco, and other drug related causes. Our goal is to save lives by preventing substance use before it starts,” explained Jenny Armbruster, Deputy Executive Director at NCADA. “The release of these PSAs will signal the beginning of a broad, statewide conversation about the role of prevention in addressing addiction in Missouri. We don’t talk with our kids just once about driving safety, dating, or the importance of doing well in school. When it comes to alcohol and other drugs, we can’t have just one ‘talk’ either.”

The 2019 Talk About It PSAs will run on television in the St. Louis area and across social media and other digital platforms statewide.

The Talk About It campaign encourages parents and caregivers to talk to the young people in their lives about alcohol and drugs early and often. By going to, parents and caregivers can access free, age-specific talking kits.

NCADA is a community health organization that works to prevent and reduce the harms associated with alcohol and other drugs through education, intervention, and advocacy.

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