Press Release: NCADA Launches Region-Wide Prevention Campaign

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(St. Louis) – For the past three years, the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse–St. Louis became known for its provocative, opioid-themed Super Bowl PSAs. In the first two years, these ads featured disturbing imagery, paired with music and lyrics describing the impact of opioid use. Last year’s ads offered whiplash-inducing narratives, highlighting the importance of locking up prescription medication. This year, however, NCADA has taken a different tack. Instead of shocking Super Bowl viewers, parents and caregivers were gently reminded that addiction is preventable. And the ad launches a broad public education campaign to empower parents and other caregivers to reduce their child’s risk of developing substance-related problems by half, simply by talking with them—early and often—about alcohol and other drugs.

“Talking to kids about alcohol and other drugs isn’t easy,” said Howard Weissman, Executive Director of the NCADA. “But we know that engaging in these conversations, setting clear expectations, and sticking to them, can decrease the likelihood of a child developing a substance use disorder by 50%.”

The Talk About It campaign is designed to encourage caregivers to talk with their kids by providing free, age appropriate resources at Engaging signage and promotional displays across the region will direct the community to talking kits designed to make the process easier and give parents the confidence needed to address these issues.

“No one has a more significant impact on kids than their caregivers,” said Nichole Dawsey, NCADA Director of Prevention. “We know that prevention is the most efficient, effective way to address this ongoing public health crisis.”

Weissman concluded, “Addiction can happen to anyone, but it is also preventable. And that’s why everyone needs to talk about it.”

NCADA is a community health agency that works to reduce or prevent the harms of alcohol and other drug use through education, intervention and advocacy.

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