Legislative Update

by Brandon Costerison

There are several exciting, though possibly concerning, bills in the Missouri General Assembly that bear watching. Some special items to track:

Powdered Alcohol: HB 29 would bring powdered alcohol (palcohol) under the same controls as liquid alcohol. This is an important step in regulating one of the most misused drugs available.

Prescription Drug Monitoring Programs: There are currently at least five prescription drug monitoring program proposals in the Missouri General Assembly. Some are better than others, but this demonstrates a broad interest in working to eliminate doctor shopping, and bringing Missouri in line with the rest of the nation by implementing this common sense reform.

911 Good Samaritan Law: This bill would provide limited immunity for anyone who calls 911 in a medical emergency related to drugs or alcohol. This is an important step in addressing the opioid epidemic, but also helpful in reducing the worst harms of youthful binge drinking.

Marijuana: There are several bills that are various schemes for legalizing marijuana – and which definitely warrant concern. Some go so far as to allow for complete legalization and commercialization. These bills must be watched carefully.

For an up-to-date list of NCADA’s legislative priorities and to find out how to contact your elected officials, please visit our Advocacy page.

legislative-photo On Monday, Feb. 6, NCADA followed up its Super Bowl ads by hosting a press conference dealing with substance misuse. From left: County Exec. Steve Stenger, Rep. Cora Faith Walker, Tim Lohmar (Pros. Atty., St. Chas. Co.), Jim Shroba (DEA).



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