Tributes & Contributions: December 2016 – January 2017


Laura Greinier
Frankie Isaac
Alida Theard


Leonard and Audrey Adreon
Veronica and Jeff Aldridge
Chris and Melissa Allen
Jenny and Dan Armbruster
Dick and Nancy Arnoldy
Terry and Marilyn Bader
James and Christina Baker
Kristin Bengtson
Lisa Bernstein
Jeanette Bessen
Nancy Birge
Libby and Steve Brim
Bart and Ellen Brnjac
Nicole Browning
Donna and Michael Bruner
Barbara Burton
Cheryl and Mark Carrier
Joy and Dennis Carter
Deb and Russell Cavitt
Cindy and Chris Connelly
Jeanne Cordingley
Brandon Costerison
Nichole Dawsey
Christia and Kenny DeShields
Tom and Tina Doherty
Lawrence Doyle
Richard and Judy Dubin
Dan Duncan and Dana Sebastian-Duncan
Tom Erickson
Dan and Eleanor Ferry
Bobette Figler
Winnetka Fitch
William Ford
Thomas and
Cheryl Fox
Ronnie Fredman
Dick Goldberg
Mark and Gina Golde
Robert and Cathy Goldsticker
Catherine Green
Msgr. Edmund Griesedieck
Diann and Jim Gross
Candace and Stirling Harris
Tom and Anne Herrmann
Rick and Lynn Hill
Jaime and Chris Hoff
Linda Holliday
Julie and Fred Hook
Pam Hughes
Sandy Hughes
John and Susan Hussey
Jerry Kagan and Jill Golde
Christopher Kallaos
Howard and Elma Kanefield
Gayle Kirsten and Howard Potratz
James and Joyce Kesting
Richard Knight
Harriet and Jeff Kopolow
Ed Koslin and Fran Weintraub
Lori and Kevin Krueger
Dawn and Tony Lammert
Robert Libera
Roger Lowery
Joan Luning
Emily and Joe Mangi
Leah and Kevin Schaefer
Larry Manion
Stafford Manion
Brad and Meredith Marquardt
Chris and Terri Martin
Tom and Jenny Marx
John and Laura Meyer
Chip Miller and Debbie Broms
Gladys Miller
Robyn and Rick Morris
Martin Mraz
Jenny Mullen
Catie Myers
Becky and David Nelson
Perry and Sharon Newman
John and Janice Oexeman
Peter and Meredith Perkins
Georgia Pettus
Celeste and Steve Player
Beth and Mike Riegert
Jon and Cynthia Rill
Marge Ritchie
Shane Roach
Sarah Roberts
Steve and Ann Roberts
Whitney Robins
Andy and Stan Shanker
Bruce Shapiro and Elizabeth Guthrie
Kim and Rory Sherony
Becky and Joshua Shimony
Denis and Patricia Shine
Jill and Al Sloan
Mark Snowden
Donald Soffer
Danna and Jim Squires
Alison Stambaugh
NJ and Bob Sterneck
Bob and Val Taylor
Doug and Sheri Tollefsen
Debra Townsend
Shondrella Turner
William and Candice Voegtli
Gerry and Margie Voss
George and Mary Vournas
Peg Weathers
David Weber and Valerie Tripi
Howard and Susan Weissman
Karen West
Kelly Wieser
Christine and Jack Williams
Douglas Wood
Brett Woods
Angie and Brad Yarbrough
Jane and George Young
Terry and Kim Yuede
Larry and Lisa Zarin
Stacie Zellin and Jared Opsal

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