A Gift to NCADA Supports Vital Work That Can Change – And Save – Lives

There are multiple ways to contribute to NCADA—we gratefully welcome gifts by check or credit card, gifts of appreciated stock, gifts through your employer or your donor advised fund, or by rollover from your IRA, if you are age 70 ½ or older.

However you choose to give, please know that your support is critical to maintain and expand our prevention work in the schools and in the community. For example:

  • Your gift of $150 provides our counseling and referral services to someone like Christy (read her story below).
  • Your gift of $500 brings a multi-week prevention curriculum to 25 students.
  • Your gift of $1,000 provides one at-risk teen, plus their parents or caregivers, with a non-punitive, motivation-based counseling/education program that can interrupt early trouble with substances and stop the progression to bigger problems.
  • Your gift of $1,500 sends a high school student to our annual Teen Institute, a four-day, transformational leadership camp that harnesses the power of peer pressure to create leaders and advocates for healthy choices.

Questions? Contact Cheryl Carrier at (314) 962-3456.


I became a heroin addict seven years ago, but I was primed for it from earliest childhood. As many addicts will tell you, I felt strange, scared and uncomfortable each and every day, as far back as I can remember. I suffered silently through my parents’ divorce and, later, through being raped by my high school boyfriend. Outwardly, I was the girl who had it together, the “rock” on whom everyone else depended, but inwardly I was a desperate young adult with virtually no self-esteem, convinced that no one saw me, understood me or valued me.

The night I met heroin, I fell in love, I was “home,” and my life was forever changed. I could finally, fully disappear and escape. I used every day, throughout the day, even though I had everything to lose: my marriage, graduate school, my career as a social worker, my friends and family, my health, my home, my possessions. Ultimately, I did lose everything. Until finally, I overdosed in my car and almost died.

In despair, I found NCADA, which appropriately calls itself, “the place to turn.” Their staff took the time to hear my needs and referred me to a treatment facility that could begin to meet them. Still, achieving sobriety has hardly been smooth sailing – it took one detox, three outpatient stays, four residential stays, and three sober living placements – and I know that I must work actively on my recovery every day, for the rest of my life. But thanks to that first step through NCADA, I have slowly rebuilt my life, remarried, earned a master’s degree, and have a fulfilling job.

NCADA was not the only organization to serve and help Christy—but we were the first. By offering initial support and then providing referrals to treatment and other resources based on an individual’s unique needs and circumstances, we were for Christy, and we are for thousands of others like her, “the place to turn.”

Your gift of any size helps support and expand these and other vitally important programs and services. An investment in NCADA is an investment in the future of our young people, our families, and our community. We’ve lost too many already, but, as Christy told us, all is not lost:

I stand before you as a symbol of hope. And I urge you to hold hope close in these terrible times, when each one of us knows someone suffering from the curse of addiction.

Hold hope close, and join the fight.