Super Bowl 2018

Advertising experts will all say the same thing: Ad campaigns are effective for a maximum of three years. Period. And experienced advertising experts will add this caveat: “Everyone tries to milk it for another year or two, but it never works.”

Armed with that knowledge, it might seem foolish to again purchase sixty seconds of airtime during the Super Bowl…for the fourth consecutive year. But that’s exactly what we’re doing.

Because we’re not selling anything and we don’t aspire to go viral around the world again. There’s an important message to convey and we know of no better way than to put it in front of more than a million people in OUR region, on the one night of the year people are watching television for the commercials.

So with the financial support of the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration, and with some old friends donating creative services, we are again using the Super Bowl to convey an important message about the opioid epidemic.

We’ve moved far away from the message that heroin is bad and opioids are dangerous. Everyone knows that. The questions we still need to answer are, “What can we do about it?” and “How do we
protect ourselves and our kids?”

We can’t promise to provide complete answers to those questions, but we hope to generate a lot of discussion about them.