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NCADA’s GuidEd Program (formerly the Transitional Counseling Program – TCP) offers comprehensive adolescent evaluations, educational workshops, and counseling for young people up to age 19, as well as their families. GuidEd provides a supportive environment for teens and their families that enhances motivation to change, helps explore the consequences of substance use, and works to develop healthier alternatives. If treatment for chemical dependence is necessary, NCADA will make an appropriate referral and provide ongoing support until the desired treatment is available.

As part of GuidEd, teens will find educational assistance from mentors and tutors in the Lounge.  Caregivers will find skilled counselors that promote healthy family relationships. Community partners such as schools and treatment providers will find a new ally in their efforts to help young people.

Thanks to generous funding from the Missouri Foundation for Health, there is no charge for NCADA’s GuidEd Program.

Successes of GuidEd include:

  • Since 2014, nearly 600 adolescents have participated in GuidEd.
  • More than 75% of participants successfully abstain from substance use throughout their enrollment in the program, and more than 65% continue abstaining from substance use 6 months later.
  • More than 65% of participants report improved relationships with family members and/or caregivers.
  • More than 85% of participants return to their schools with fewer substance-related incidents.

To schedule an assessment or get more information, call 314.962.3456. Check out our upcoming workshop schedule here.

GuidEd is currently provided virtually.