The SPOT (Supporting Positive Opportunities with Teens) is a one-stop, drop-in center for youth 13-24 that provides rapid testing for HIV and sexually transmitted diseases, health care and counseling, social support, prevention and case management services at no cost. Washington University School of Medicine physicians and staff from a variety of disciplines provide services.

The SPOT is located at 4169 Laclede Ave. The colorful and modern drop-in center has a living room with cozy furniture and computers, offices for physicians and staff, exam rooms, a kitchenette, and other facilities and services to help teens in need.

This is a safe space to receive medical care at no cost, with no strings attached. The SPOT relies on a variety of community partnerships to provide services to clients, including the NCADA. We have a counselor on staff at the SPOT to work with clients and provide free substance use disorder evaluations and counseling.

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