NCADA advocates diligently for laws and ordinances that would prevent or reduce the harms associated with alcohol and other drugs. Click on the categories below to learn more about NCADA’s positions on substance use related topics. For more information, please contact Brandon Costerison, 314-962-3456.

Contact Your Legislators and Local Officials

Join us and make sure that your voice is heard. You can make a difference. Legislators and policy makers look to you for input on these important issues. Just a few phone calls or letters from constituents can make all of the difference. Please take the time to call or write your city and county elected officials, and your representatives and senators. If you don’t know who your legislators are, click here.

Other Organizations

Missouri Recovery Network (MRN) is a statewide effort that invites people who are recovering from substance addiction, family members who are in recovery and other allies of those in recovery to tell the story of recovery in order to help others.

Faces and Voices of Recovery is a national organization with thousands of individuals and organizations uniting for more effective action across the country. No matter where you live, a dedicated group of recovery advocates are working to change perceptions, policies and laws to improve the lives of those in the recovery community.

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