Medicaid Expansion Resources

During the state primary on August 4, 2020, Missourians will be able to vote on expanding Medicaid which provides healthcare for low income adults under age 65. For a family of 3, it would raise income eligibility from $4,778 to $28,887 per year. We know that healthy families lead to healthier outcomes for children.


  • 230,000 Missouri working adults would gain access to healthcare.
  • According to the Department of Health and Human Services, 28% of low income uninsured
    individuals have mental health care needs. Medicaid expansion would provide at least 64,000
    Missourians struggling with a mental illness access to a doctor or mental health professional.
  • Access to mental health care prevents self-medication with addictive substances and enhances
    recovery for those struggling with a substance use disorder.
  • Provide access to treatment for those with a substance use disorder, including medications.


  • The State of Missouri currently pays over 35% of total Medicaid costs. With expansion, Missouri will pay 10% of total costs and the federal government will pay 90%.
  • Medicaid expansion would not raise taxes. Funds come from state and federal taxes we already pay.
  • Rural Missouri may see the biggest benefit. According to the Missouri Hospital Association, over 14 hospitals in the state have closed since 2014. Most of these are in rural areas, preventing access to care for those unable to drive for hours to a larger municipality. Many have cited a lack of Medicaid expansion as a primary reason for closure.

Resources for more information:

Healthcare for Missouri

Missouri Foundation for Health

National Alliance on Mental Illness

Kaiser Family Foundation

Washington University

Missouri Budget Project


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