School-Based Programs

We “get” kids.

That’s why NCADA’s substance use prevention programs are current, engaging and interactive.  Our staff is comprised of experienced teachers and counselors who know that Prevention works, and who share a genuine passion for making a difference.

A leader in the field since 1980, NCADA has been developing, delivering and constantly improving its prevention programming for nearly 35 years. Now serving over 70,000 children annually, NCADA’s prevention programs have received local and national recognition, are research based and regularly evaluated.

And we “get” teachers and school administrators.

That’s why our programs can be tailored to meet the goals and schedules of individual schools and teachers.

Why “get” NCADA’s prevention programs in your school?  Our programs:

  • Build resiliency skills in youth, kindergarten thru college
  • Create better learners and more cooperative students
  • Develop skills to refuse peer pressure, build healthy friendships and make low-risk choices
  • Create peer groups and leadership opportunities that promote bonding to school and community

For more information or for scheduling, please contact Leah Schaefer, 314-962-3456.

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